New Update of Mobile Legends (ML) Brawl Mode Revamp

Along with the release of the latest Project NEXT in the MOBA Mobile Legends (ML) gameMoonton will also change the various features that exist in the MOBA game. One of them is the Mobile Legends (ML) revamp brawl mode which will get new changes for players. There are some content changes that will be implemented in the next update.

Brawl Mode New Map

Yep, even though Brawl Mode Mobile Legends (ML) only has one lane, a wider Map is content that will be implemented by Moonton for players who like this mode. Players can avoid skills more easily, players are more free to avoid Gatot Kaca’s ultimate skill, Vexana’s 2nd Skill, Pharsa’s Ultimate Skill, and other AOE heroes!

Rune Heal

In Brawl mode, players who want to get additional HealthPoints in matches must kill creeps or use lifesteal items. Yep, in the new Mobile Legends (ML) brawl mode, players only need to take a heal rune, when a player takes a heal rune it will give a large heal effect to teammates.

new update brawl mode revamp mobile legends

New Creep Brawl Mode

The 4 creeps located on the left and right of the middle of the brawl map will be replaced with 2 new creeps that are useful for providing a shield and a certain amount of gold so that players can fight more easily and safely by using the shields obtained.

Those are the changes that will be present in the Brawl Mobile Legends (ML) revamp update. Yep, definitely brawl mode will be more interesting with the presence of these various updates.

Source: Hororo Channel & VYGaming



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