Next Project #3 Alucard, Eudora, Miya and Saber Get New Weapon

Moonton as developer moba game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has heard the wishes of their game players. Especially the senior players who miss their proud heroes who once triumphed in the early seasons of mobile legends but are now forgotten because they no longer can match the new heroes.

In their ambitious program in the project next, Moonton will revamp several old heroes. As in the next project #1, there are Saber and Eudora. Then in the next project #2 there are Alucard and Miya.

Now what Moonton does on the next project #3 Mobile Legends is to revamp the hero model along with special effects in the match. The hero who will get the model change is still the same as project next 1 & 2. Yap Saber, Eudora, Alucard, and Miya. project next 3 mobile legends a project next 3 mobile legends b project next 3 mobile legends c

Not only changing the hero model, special effects have also been changed, special effects changed by Moonton are the sign of the lock hero and stun hero when affected by crowd control.

Yep doesn’t just focus on the competitive and meta update. But in a better playing experience Moonton also continues to make very good developments!

Publisher: Moonton

Source: YouTube

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