Phoveus Will Be A New Hero For Free In Mobile Legends

There is the latest information about a new hero in the MOBA Mobile Legends game, Phoveus will be available for free by players. When the time for the release of Phoveus to the original server is here.

This information was obtained from the new MLBB leak hero & skin in May 2021, which was informed by a trusted leaks account, Dafrixkun, on the Instagram caption.

Yep, according to the leak published by Moonton, it will give these Phoveus hero players for free at the 515 Mobile Legends event later.

As they have done with the hero Luo Yi, who at that time was given free to players during the 515 MLBB event, last year. phoveus mobile legends

Phoveus’ skill is very unique and is a counter to the agile heroes in MLBB. Because of this, players will definitely welcome if Moonton really gives this hero for free!

For gameplay, you can watch videos that have been circulating on YouTube! This hero seems to be very OverPower when released.

That’s the latest information about Phoveus MLBB which is likely to become a free hero, so don’t let you not claim this free hero later when it’s released.

New Hero Phoveus Gameplay - Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Source: Dafrixkun


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