Phylax Mobile Legends (ML), New Hero With Tank/Marksman Role

As players already know that in October 2021 Mobile Legends (ML) will release a new hero named Aamon who is Gusion’s brother . And it is also possible that next month there will be a new hero named Valentina who will be presented by Mobile Legends (ML) into the game. But now it turns out that there is a leak about another new hero that will be coming next in Mobile Legends (ML), yep, this hero is named Phylax.

This new hero already has a leak about his skill-set. And here is a complete description of the new hero named Phylax which will have two modes. On the display Phylax has two modes, namely robot mode and beautiful girl mode.

In addition, this new hero will later have two roles, the robot is a Tank, and when it turns into a beautiful girl it is a Marksman.

Phylax Mobile Legends (ML) Skill-Set 

Phylax Mobile Legends (ML)

Passive Skill: Overload

Phylax becomes Overloaded for 3 seconds each time using a skill, at that time Phylax’s Basic Attack will activate Chain Lightning, Chain Lightning Damage will increase when Phylax is flying

Skill 1: Earth Shatter

After a short charge, Phylax issues a ground-breaking attack in a designated direction, dealing damage and causing an ariborne effect to the enemy it hits.

Skill 2: Onward

Phylax moves in a specified direction dealing damage to enemies in its path. If Phylax hits an enemy Hero while making a move, Phylax will throw them over his shoulder dealing damage and causing a stun effect.

Ultimate Skill: Phylax’s Wrath

Phylax flies and gains additional Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and ranged skills. Phylax’s basic attacks also become long-range (Marksman Mode). This Ultimate Skill will change the form of Phylax into a girl and has the ability Marksman.

Yep, that’s the leak about the latest Mobile Legends (ML) hero named Phylax, this hero is definitely highly anticipated because it is very unique, and has two unique modes with the Tank/Marksman role.


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