Wow, This is the price of Skin Legend Lesley Angelic Agent!

Mobile Legends now has 4 skins legend that can be used by players. Among them are the Alucard‘s skin Obsidian Blade, Saber‘s skin CodeName: Storm, Miya‘s skin Modena Butterfly, and Gord‘s skin Conqueror.

You need to know that all of these skin legends have a higher price compared to other skin types. Yep, just 1 skin epic has a price range of around Rp.800,000 to Rp.2,000,000 or 56 dollars to 141 dollars.

Then, what about the price of the skin legend Lesley Angelic Agent? Following FajarYusuf.Com will provide a price range of skins released by Moonton.

Lesley’s legend skin is different from other legend skins, usually legend skins can be obtained from the Magic Wheel, but Lesley’s legend skin seems to be a limited / special legendary skin that can only be obtained at certain events, the Dig the Diamond Vault event.

Lesley Angelic Agent Skin Price

Players must use 5x of their diamonds and will not get anything at the game event. In addition, many YouTubers say that the event is not important.

Hearing this, Moonton finally included Lesley “Angelic Agent” as a prize in the event, directly giving boosting popularity to the event that was considered not important.

Dig the Diamond Vault lesley angelic agent

Players who want to get the skin, must draw 100 times to get the legend skin, players must press Dig 5x as much as 20 times to get the legend lesley skin.

Indirectly, players must use as many as 450 Diamond x 20 = 9000 Diamond to get the legend skin. and if seen from the price of diamonds in an online shop, players must spend as much as 2.4 Million Rupiah or 170 dollars for a Lesley legend skin.

What do you think of the price of the skin? Do you intend to buy that super cool skin? Or do you even feel that the skin is too expensive? or too cheap?

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