Project NEXT Mobile Legends Will Change Design Map, Monster, Turtle & Lord

Update Project NEXT games MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a major update a long-term project for the mobile MOBA game that can continue to grow, the latest information from the project update will be releasing a new look for the main map Land of Dawn and also the jungle monster inside.

There are already many leaks on the internet, this leak shows a lot of new things that are being considered by developers to enter the game. Starting from the Land of Dawn Map, jungle monsters, buff monsters, turtles and even the Lord’s appearance will also get a new design in Mobile Legends.

This is done by Moonton to pamper players by upgrading the visuals from the Mobile Legends game so they can keep abreast of current technological developments. It also attracts the attention of new players to try this game, because as players know that the mobile MOBA market is getting fiercer, if we look at LoL Wild Rift from Riot Games which continues to compete with Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends map jungle monster turtle lord new new project next

At the leak provided by the Mobile Legends leaker accounts, we can see the new designs of the jungle monsters in the Land of Dawn map. There is a monster buff that will be transformed into a fox and a fire monkey, of course, both of them still provide the same buff benefits, only a more pleasing appearance to the eye.

Then there is also the appearance of the two monsters that have the most influence on Mobile Legends gameplay, namely the turtle and lord. For the turtle design, the leak turtle is now a rock element, while the lords has a new design with an electric element surrounding its body.

All of these new designs are still prototypes and it is still uncertain whether they will be released later. However, as is often done by Moonton, before they release or update, they will first survey the players.

Because it is still a design survey, which means that the date of this visual update is still unknown. Certainly, Moonton will work hard to continue developing their flagship game to a higher level by making this big update.

Source: Leakers Instagram


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