Project NEXT Phase 2 Mobile Legends Revamps Kagura, Minotaur, Karina, & Bane

In this article will inform you that there will be 4 Mobile Legends heroes that Moonton will revamp in the upcoming big update in this mobile MOBA game. As we already know, there will be a major Mobile Legends update in mid-2021. Yep, update Project NEXT Phase 2 for the Kagura, Minotaur, Karina, and Bane revamps.

The big update is a follow-up update from Project Next Phase 1 at the end of 2020, the NEXT 1 update did revamps for Miya, Layla, Alucard and others.

And now on the update there will be 4 new revamps for 4 different heroes. The first hero is Kagura, there is no definite information about what will be revamped on this Kagura hero. But according to the revamp rumors that will be carried out on Kagura, it focuses more on the appearance which is changed to be more beautiful and cute. Project NEXT Phase 2 mobile legends revamp

Furthermore, there is Bane, the sea monster hero with the appearance of a pirate, which is also rumored to be revamped soon by Moonton. But just like Kagura, it is not clear what Moonton will revamp.

If we look at the MLBB advanced server, Bane now has magical damage, does this mean that one of Bane’s skills will actually change?

Then there is the Minotaur, yep this one tank hero is also not known what revamp will be done. But what is certain is that the Minotaur is included in the revamp hero list in the Next Phase 2 Project.

The last one is Karina, it is known that this assassin hero will really be revamped by Moonton. Karina’s revamp gameplay has also been spread on Youtube and players can see it directly.

Those are 4 Mobile Legends Bang Bang heroes that will be revamped in the Next Phase 2 Project.

Source: Instagram Leak


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