Protti Barts and Rahal Hero Baru Mobile Legends

Protti, Barts and Rahal New Hero Mobile Legends

Some time ago it was revealed that the new Hero of Mobile Legends had a form like Snapfire Dota 2. However, when the Hero was first leaked it had the name Japalura who had the role of Marksman. Now this has been revealed the truth of the name of the Hero, namely Barts and Rahal with the role of Tank / Fighter.

Barts and Rahal mobile legends

In the gameplay video that you can see at the end of this article, Barts and Rahal has a very unique passive skill, its body size can be enlarged after it produces damage with its skills, even the status attribute also increases. This buff will last for some time and is very strong to withstand attacks when the team fights. Although as a Tank / Fighter, Barts is equipped with long range skills like a marksman and the ultimate skill in the form of damage area, so the possibility of difficulty playing this hero is quite tricky.

Not only Barts and Rahal, also reportedly another leak of the latest Hero, previously known as the Marksman Code-100 hero.

Protti mobile legends

Yep this hero has the name Protti, this latest Hero Marksman has an ice hand as his weapon that can throw long range skills like a spear. However, unlike Barts and Rahal, Protti has not yet reached the final stage of design, because there is still no detailed effect of the skills it has. Chances are, these two heroes will be released in the coming months.

Developer: Moonton

Source: ML LEAK

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