Skin Christmas rafaela mobile legends

Rafaela Mobile Legends Will Get a Christmas Skin

As a support hero who is currently popular in Mobile LegendsRafaela will get a new skin. This new skin looks like it will be a Special Christmas Skin because if you look at the appearance of this skin, and also Christmas which will be coming soon in December 2021.

The name for this skin is probably Angelic Sonata. With this name, Rafaela also looks like an Angel of Christmas with white clothes and white wings. With a Christmas theme, of course, Christmas decorations are on this skin display with red and green colors.

Rafaela is a hero who is often picked lately because of the presence of meta support, which usually support heroes will continue to follow the core that is being attacked or wants to attack.

Skin Christmas rafaela mobile legends

If we look at the appearance of this new Wallpaper Unfinished skin, it looks like the results will be good, and suitable to be a collection skin for player support.

However, for the certainty of the release date of Rafaela’s Christmas skin there is still no, if you look at this skin theme it is likely to be released in December 2021 which coincides with Christmas which is usually present on December 25, 2021.

Rafaela players are definitely waiting, now finally Rafaela’s skin will be re-released after being last present as a season skin.


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