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Today’s Release Mobile Legends Mode Chess TD is similar to Auto Chess!

Looks like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is currently trying something new, after Moonton released the Mobile Legends Adventure RPG game. Now, Mobile Legends will present a new mode that is similar to Auto Chess.This mode is named Chess-TD mode which is another arcade mode available in the Mobile Legends game. What’s interesting in this game mode will not be like the Autobattler genre in general, because this mode will add the Tower Defense genre, so you can say this mode is a combination of Autobattler + Tower Defense.In the preview of the gameplay in the trailer video mode chess on the YouTube Mobile Legends Channel, seen several heroes become chess pieces, then the Mobile Legends Hero will be tasked with destroying the minion of opponents running under the Chess Board.
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So the possibility that later the Hero who becomes a pawn will be more focused on clearing the path to the base, rather than having to clash with each other like other Autobattler games.This mode will be released and available today November 1st through November 14th/2019. So you can try it starting today!
Chess-TD Mode Spotlight Trailer | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!
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