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Mobile Legend Will Release Pharsa Revamp, So OverPowered!

There are so many old school heroes who are currently being revamped skill by Moonton, so they can compete with new OverPowered heroes. Mobile Legends finally gives a revamp skill to one of the mage heroes who doesn’t used too many classic or ranked matches, yep Pharsa will get a revamp skill.

Because this hero mage is very easy to kill by Assasins heroes, especially when Pharsa is using the ultimate skill. You are curious about what the hero’s revamp skills are like? Check out the explanation of the update below:

SKILL Pharsa Revamp
Pharsa Revamped skill

As can be seen in the patch update above, which is already on the Advanced server, Pharsa gets revamp skill, which later the hero mage gets a buff effect on all skills. When Pharsa uses 2x skills, the next skill (third skill), will change to a stronger version, like the following:

  • Skill 1, Wings by Wings : Will get an increase in speed, speed increases almost the same when the hero uses the spell sprint to run from the pursuit of the enemy
  • Skill 2, Energy Impact : Will get increased damage, and get the CrowdControl effect, Immobile, the hero cannot move for 1.5 seconds.
  • Skill 3, Feathered air Strike : will get an increase in damage, the CrowdControl effect is Immobile for 1 second, and can issue its skills faster.
Pharsa Revamped

For simplification details, the overall skill is still the same, but when Pharsa releases 2 skills (any skill). The skill from Pharsa will turn yellow (the strong version) and will get additional effects as can be read from the explanation above.

However, there are many players who feel that this revamp skill is not enough to make this hero enter as one of the top pick heroes in the Ranking match mobile legends.

So, what do you think of this revamp pahrsa? Do you Pharsa users feel that this update is enough to improve Pharsa’s performance on classic or ranked matches?

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