Revamp Argus in Mobile Legends as Hero Fighter OverPower

Without changing the essence of every skill possessed by the hero Argus, Moonton seems to be successful in making this underused hero one of the most useful fighter heroes in the Mobile Legends game on the revamp update. Even though the skills possessed by Argus are almost nothing changed, the effects of these skills change and increase, the damage from these fighter skills becomes very influential in attacking enemies.

The effect of skill 1 that must hit the enemy will be permanent. Argus players can issue skill 1 for the second time without needing to hit the enemy in the revamp. This will increase the mobility possessed by Argus and increase the ability to pursue the enemy as a whole.

However, the most significant is the effect of skill 2 which will damage the enemy which is quite high if the enemy moves. Not only does it give a slow effect, this damage effect is quite heavy so that the enemy is faced with 2 choices, between running or fighting. So that Argus will get heal from the ultimate effect.

Yep, not only that, Argus's ultimate skill will also get a buff, Argus will get additional overall attack damage when using his ultimate skill.

The Argus Revamp from Moonton is currently under test on the Advance server, and in the future it will be implemented on the original server for this update.

Source: YouTube HororoChan

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