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Mobile Legends Will Do Revamp Belerick, Beat the Minotaur!


After doing a revamp for a few heroes a month ago to heroes that were rarely used in the meta a month ago like Pharsa and Valir.

Now, Mobile Legends is revamping again for one of hero tank, yep Belerick. This is quite surprising, because Belerick’s popularity actually increased slightly since the release of the revitalize spell, but maybe Moonton has other plans for this hero tank.

In the video footage above shows the skills possessed by Belerick revamp as a whole. In the video, the revamp given by Moonton is a revamp skill, especially revamp for skill 1 and ultimate skill.

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For skill 1 was originally used to bind the enemy, it becomes a damage skill that can be used to kill enemies. Belerick can issue plant spokes that can be used to attack enemies within a large enough radius, with a maximum of 3 enemies with considerable damage.

In addition, for the ultimate skill, the revamp given is quite similar to the Minotaur’s ultimate skill. Belerick pulled out the plants around her, locking in the movements of enemy heroes and dealing damage to the enemies.

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The skill is very similar to the Minotaur’s skill, which means the Minotaur’s ultimate skill without producing stun. Even so, Belerick doesn’t need any rage, so the ultimate revamp skill is quite easy to use.

belerick revamp skill

Yep, what do you think of the Belerick revamp? Are you increasingly interested for using Belerick in the next meta?

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