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Revamp Clint Marksman Hero with Stack Ultimate Skill CD 2 Seconds

Project NEXT is the major update most eagerly awaited by Mobile Legends Bang Bang players. Due to this project, Mobile Legends will make improvements and optimization of graphics and gameplay on a large scale so as to improve the playing experience of players. Even so, the thing that players have been waiting for the most is the revamp project for old school heroes, one of which is revamp Clint marksman hero which will make him a marksman that can be used in rank mode!

In revamp Clint video, a YouTuber manages to find the latest skills from Clint’s revamp results. Moonton seems to make changes to skill 1 which is owned by the clint as a whole to make it easier to use. However, the change in skill 1 is not certain to be carried out on the original server later, and of course Moonton will improve the overall performance of this marksman hero.

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Not only that, it was also reported that Moonton would buff the Clint’s ultimate skill cooldown, the previous cooldown was 10s and the most recent cooldown was 2s. Every 10 seconds, players will get 1 stack the same as before with up to 5 stacks maximum.

Surely this will make Clint become one of the marksman heroes who is quite OverPower, who can use his ultimate skill to inflict more damage on enemies. So, what do you think about this marksman hero? Will clint become more OverPower? Or is it the same as usual? Please write your comments below!

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