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Revamp Skill 3 Natalia, Will It Become a New META?

Natalia is one of the assassin hero rarely chosen on META now, before its popularity declined when there was a MAP cheat that made passif Natalia no longer useful, but now the cheat has been overcome by Moonton.

With Natalia rarely used on META now, Moonton finally also gave a new Revamp to Natalia, this revamp aims to increase the popularity of Natalia going forward. The revamp given will turn Skill 3 into enough OP / OverPower that can be used to kill the marksman / mage.

When skill 3 is used it will automatically make Natalia disappear by only using skill 3 / ultimate. This skill will certainly improve the performance of the hero. So that players can use these skills to kill enemy heroes, especially marksman who have low defense.

skill 3 natalia revamp

Not only that, the skill can also be used again to make Natalia disappear a second time, so that players can easily get out of battle with the additional movement speed they have.

Wow, this revamp will be very useful, because it changes skill 3 / Ultimate which is generally not very useful before. Even so, what do you think as a Natalia user who uses the hero? Will revamp Natalia change META in-game?

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