Select Role Matchmaking Feature Will Be Added In Mobile Legends

The select role matchmaking feature in the MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang will finally be added to the in-game in the latest update patch. This information has been announced by one of the data-miners named Elgin, according to the information obtained, patch version 1.5.62 in the advance server already has this feature.

For players who don’t know what the use of this feature is, role select is a feature for selecting the roles that players want to play before the Mobile Legends matchmaking begins. After the player enters the matchmaking, there is a high chance that the player team will not play the same role as what the player wants to play. features select role matchmaking mobile legends

For example, a player wants to use a jungle role, then the player will be paired with another player who wants to play the midlane, exp-lane, and gold-lane roles. With this feature, there is a possibility that there will be similar roles that players will encounter less frequently. Experiencing fighting over roles with other players and causing the player to play a hero that is not mastered can indeed be a problem, especially in ranked mode.

It’s not uncommon for a player to be paired with a trolling team because he doesn’t get the role he wants. With the addition of this feature, Moonton hopes that the existing mathmaking system in Mobile Legends can be cleaner and tidier from this problem.

The leak info also explains that the role select system is still focused on the hero class. Which means that if the player often uses a mage hero, the player will automatically choose the role used by mage heroes such as midlaners.

Currently the role select feature still has a number of shortcomings, and Moonton is aware of this and is working to fix these flaws. One thing is for sure, ranked mode will be cleaner than toxic players after this new feature.

Source: Youtube Elgin


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