This Is The Skill New Hero Bixi Or Baxia, Overpowered Tank

Advance server Mobile Legends arrival of a new hero on August 8 yesterday, this Hero is known to have the role Tank.

This Hero Tank is named Baxia or Bixi (Black Tortoise). This new hero specializes in high mobility and great continuing magic damage.

Possibly, Bixi will become an overpowered hero tank, because each of his skills is very useful for roaming and team war.

bixi baxia mobile legends

Passive Skill: Bixie Mark

Bixi’s Passive Skill will leave a mark for the affected enemy hero, and this “Bixi Mark” will later reduce the effect of regenerating the enemy hero by 50% for 4 seconds.

Skill 1: Bixi Shield Unity

Bixi’s Skill 1 will change shape into a shield into a yoyo and go on. When it hits an enemy, Bixi will deal magic damage.

If hit by an enemy hero, it will cause CrowdControl and also a knock-back effect. Not only that, if this skill does not hit enemy heroes, Bixi can do other things, such as jumping over obstacles, and fighting minions.

When jumping, if there is an enemy hero under Bixi, and hit the hero, then Bixi also provides magic damage, CrowdControl, and knock-back effects.

Skill 2: Shield of Spirit

Skill 2 Bixi will throw a shield in both arms at the targeted enemy hero.

then, this shield will also be lost if it hits the opponent’s hero, and gives magic damage effects along the way while creating “Bixi Mark“.

If the shield hits an opponent who has a “Bixi Mark” mark, Bixi’s skill 2 cooldown will be reduced by 85%.

Ultimate Skill: Tortoise’s Puissance

Then for skill 3 or ultimate skill Bixi installs a “Frontal Shield” and dash wildly, and will make Bixi increase movement speed.

At the same time, Bixi will also create a “Lava Path” along the dash path, if the enemy is hit by the lava path, the enemy will be affected by magic damage.

When you have activated the ultimate skill, Bixi can also do skill 1. As in the video below:

It is still uncertain for the name of this overpowered hero tank, about Baxia or Bixi. Will you autobuy if it is released on the original server later?

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