Explanation skills and gameplay of the new hero Yve Mobile Legends (ML)

In this article, we will provide information regarding the new Mobile Legends hero named Yve, about all the skills and gameplay of the new Yve Mobile Legends (ML) hero that players should know.

Yep, in this MOBA Mobile Legends game there will be a new hero released on the original server, precisely on February 12. The hero is named Yve, which will be officially released on February 12.

Before being released on the original server, players must know the skills possessed by Yve.

Fajaryusuf.com Yve Mobile Legends skill

Yve Passive Skill : Yve gains galaxy power every time it deals damage to enemy heroes using skills. Each passive stack will increase movement speed for Yve itself.

Yve Skill 1: Yve detonates the specified galaxy area, giving magic damage and slow effects to enemies in the skill area.

Yve Skill 2: Strike with a meteor and the meteor can be directed anywhere so that the meteor can produce damage.

Yve Skill 3 (ultimate) : Creates a large enough area in the specified direction, in that large area Yve can inflict 15x damage to every enemy in the selected grid area.

Yve in the story is told as an enemy of Zhask and Yve’s goal to go down to the land of dawn to find and defeat Zhask.

What do you think? Will Yve become an overpowered mage hero this season?


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