New Skin Balmond Collector August 2021 Will Release on August 7th

Here, will provide the release date for the New Balmond Collector Skin August 2021 for the MOBA Mobile Legends game! Balmond is currently a very frequently used hero in ranked. This is because of the buff that was obtained some time ago from Mobile Legends.

Skill 2 and Ultimate Balmond get a buff on the cooldown side so with the right build Balmond can spam skills quickly.

This must be very overpowered because skill 2 Balmond is arguably Balmond’s main ability to deal damage and regen HP very significantly. With a cooldown of almost 1 second, Balmond can spam skill 2 continuously.

Not only useful in matches, Balmond will also get a new skin, not Elite or Special type and also Epic but Collector. Surely Balmond players will be happy with this new Balmond skin.

Skin Balmond Collector August

According to the leak circulating, Balmond will have a Collector skin in August 2021, along with two other heroes that are present as options, namely Fanny and Alice. According to information, the new skin for Balmond Collector 2021 will be available on August 7th 2021 in the Mobile Legends game.

Which means about 1 week from today. Of course, Balmond players will be happy, the arrival of this new skin is highly anticipated by players, especially since Balmond hasn’t gotten a new skin for a long time, the last one is the special Savage Pointguard skin which was released in 2018.

As an old school hero, Balmond still only has a few skins, with this new Collector skin, Balmond only has 5 skins. Hopefully in the upcoming update there will be new skins for this Fighter hero, so that Balmond players will be more happy when using this hero in Mobile Legends rank mode.

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