Elite Skin Chang’e Crimson Moon Release Date Revealed

Lots of cool skins that are presented by Moonton for Mobile Legends, which makes the players more comfortable playing it.

Every hero that the player has must have its own skin, so the appearance of hero will be more stunning.

Yep, one of the mage heroes that has been confirmed to be the latest skin is Chang’e .

This August Chang’e will get the latest skin named Crimson Moon.

change crimson moon look image featured

Previously, FajarYusuf.Com had discussed leaks from the appearance of this skin, in the article that you can see here. This skin will certainly type Elite .

Skin Chang’e Crimsoon Moon has also got its release date for the public server, which is on August 14, 2019.

Yep, what do you think about this one elite Chang’e skin? Are you interested to buy it if it’s released later?

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