Skin Chou Go Ballastic, Gameplay And Animation Completed

Chou is currently a Hero Fighter that is a mainstay for pro player, both in classic mode and even rank. In fact, this hero one is also an option during in the official Mobile Legends tournament.

Because there are a lot of Chou players, the new skin for Chou was presented again, to improve his appearance. This skin will be released with a special type!

This skin will be named Go Balistic , Chou will look using a hairy

black jacket.

Skin Chou Go Ballastic 1

Not only that, Chou also has a stylish hair style that is yellow.

For other parts, in both hands Chou was seen using gloves that were also black.

These gloves also become the main weapon of Chou who relies on his fist.

In the display animation, Chou was seen doing stretching while showing stunning martial arts movements.

In addition, there are also leaked release dates from this skin of Chou Go Balistic, it is estimated that this skin will be released in August.

Not just display animation, this new Chou skin gameplay has also been leaked below:

Surely you really want to have this skin right? Therefore, now is the right time to save your Diamond!

Source: borneo.gaming

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