Skin Guardian Torch Belerick, This Is Full Look!

The user tank, is a Mobile Legends player who is a mainstay, because they have to help Marksman or initiate war.

Moonton also continued to provide updates for the user tanks, both in skill and skin .

The presence of this latest skin was heard at the end of April, the latest skin for Belerick.

After conducting several surveys with the players, finally one skin was chosen to be

used as the latest skin for Belerick.

This Skin Belerick has the name Torch Guardian, and will be released later with Elite type.

Torch Guardian belerick

As the name, in the appearance of this skin Belerick manifested himself as a very manly “torch guard“.

On its horn, there is a fire that will never go out. Belerick also used brownish armor like hot iron and was exposed to fire for too long.

Not only that, on the back there is also a chimney that continues to emit bursts of fire and smoke.

Yep, for you Belerick users, of course you must have this Torch Guardian skin!

Source: ml_leak

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