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How to Get Skin Martis Death Rock MLBB for Free!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang lately is being kind. Can be felt with a variety of skins provided by Mobile Legends for free some time ago at previous events. From the Special skin a while ago at the mobile legends top up event. Yep, now in the next update, Mobile Legends will provide one more special skin for loyal players, the Death Rock Martis Skin!

Skin Death Rock will be released as the new mobile legends skin given by Moonton in the next update. Skin Death Rock Martis will be given away free of charge by mobile legends just by following the event when the skin release begins.

MLBB Martis Free Death Rock Skin

During the event, players only need to log in, share the event, play party, and win matches on classic, rank and brawl to get items that can be used to play the advanced draw death rock event. Every day during the event the players can get more than 8 items that can be replaced, and for 8 days the players can get the chance to get this special skin.

So for players who want to get a special skin Martis, players must collect items from the beginning of the event. Players must use these 6 items every day for the chance to get skin special Deathrock Martis. For those of you who want to get that skin, don’t forget to play the mobile legends game on the next udpate!

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