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Mobile Legends Skin Season 17 Awarded For Cyclops Themed Vampire

In every season, the MOBA game Mobile Legends Bang Bang will provide updated content in the form of new skins for players. This is done by Moonton to provide rewards or prizes to players who have really played the mobile legends game in ranked mode, and compete competitively with other players to pit their skills against each other. Yep skin season 17 Mobile Legends Cyclops.

Previously, Moonton had given a new skin for Eudora because Eudora was a not-so-popular Hero mage. Mobile Legends will provide the latest skin, namely skin season 17 to Cyclops, who is a mage hero who is no longer popular. In this new skin, Cyclops looks like a Jiangshi or what can be called a Chinese Vampire with a Chinese amulet and writing attached to his forehead. Although the skill effect of the Cyclops skin is not yet known, considering the previous season’s skin, Cyclops will also get a change in skill effect to be cooler when performing skills.

fajaryusuf.com skin season 17 mobile legends cyclops vampire

Of course, this season’s skin news is one of the good news for Cyclops users, but considering that this is the skin of so many Moonton for unpopular heroes, it certainly makes players a little skeptical regarding Moonton’s move to increase the popularity of heroes. the. Because previously, Eudora, who became a Mage, who had a fairly low pick rate compared to other mage heroes, also received season skins. Even though Moonton has given nerf to the hero in an update a few moments ago.

Yep, what do you think about Moonton’s move to give skins to these heroes with low pick rates?

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