Skin Season 20 Mobile Legends Given To Kaja, Crow Magician

The MOBA Mobile Legends game will soon enter season 20, of course every season there will be a new skin that players can get. As a prize, Moonton will release a ranked prize skin, in season 20 this skin ranked will be given to Kaja.

Kaja is a tank / support hero who is finally selected as the hero who will get skin season 20. Previously, in season 19, Akai was chosen to get skin season 19, and now it’s Kaja’s turn to get the skin.

This Kaja skin is called Crow Magician, Kaja’s skin season has a crow design coupled with a magician design. Kaja wears a crow mask, and of course with the main weapon which is a yellow whip rope.

Skin season 20 Kaja mobile legends crow magician

Even though it is included in the free skin category and can be obtained by all players with gold tiers and above, it turns out that this season 20 Mobile Legends skin still has special things. Crow Magician has a different display animation & effects from Kaja’s normal skin.

As usual, this season’s skin is also the skin chosen from the skin survey conducted by Moonton. As we know that Moonton did a survey first before releasing content updates, including this season’s skin.

According to information, season 20 of Mobile Legends will start in about one month, namely June. Which means there is still time for players to continue to move up the rank or tier that the player has currently reached.

If you are a Kaja player in this MOBA game, then this skin info is definitely good news. Don’t miss it, this new season skin will be given away for free if you win the gold tier or above in season 20.

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