Star Wars x Mobile Legends will take place on July 10

Surely MOBA players can’t wait to see the collaboration event between Star Wars x Mobile Legends. Today we just got the latest information about this collaboration, the name of this collaboration event is titled The Force Awakens and the start date will take place on the 10th of July.

This information is obtained on the Mobile Legends leak account, the same account that announced this collaboration long before Moonton announced it. The Force Awakens event will last for a limited time only and the two skins that can be obtained at this collaboration event are still the same as before.

These two collaboration skins were given to Argus as Darth Vader and Cyclops as Master Yoda, these two skins could only be obtained at this event. In addition, there is also information on the splash art that will be used for these two skins.

Mobile Legends X Star Wars July 10

At the presence of this splash art, confirm that it is true that Darth Vader and Master Yoda will be attending the Land of Dawn. Previously, Moonton himself had not said that these two characters would be the main content of the Star Wars x Mobile Legends collaboration.

Previously, we also knew which background to use for this skin, although there is still no preview, this data is still very strong. A background that uses a large room that is often used in Star Wars films if there is a battle between Jedi and Sith.

For now, we have only received information about the name of the The Force Awakens event to be used, the start date and what prizes players can get. It is still quite a while, and that means there is still quite a while on your part to prepare.

Source: dafrixkun


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