Statlight June Mobile Legends Presents Skin Jawhead Candy Bar

The MOBA Mobile Legends game will present another new skin for monthly Starlight member customers. This time, Mobile Legends will soon release a Jawhead skin called Candy Bar.

Skin Jawhead Candy Bar comes with cute and funny skill colors and effects. Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends has revealed the details of the Jawhead Candy Bar skin on their social media accounts.

In color, Skin Jawhead Candy Bar uses the main color pink with a purple and blue color combination. Choosing pink color so that Jawhead gets a cute and funny impression according to the character Ellie the child is in.

The Jawhead Candy Bar skin uses colorful star-shaped skill effects that are identical to children’s toy stars. When using the skill, there will be a colorful star effect that comes out of the robot hero Jawhead.

Skin jawhead candy bar

Not only that, the Candy Bear skin also transforms the robot Jawhead into a cute pink Teddy Bear. Besides that, Ellie who is the little girl who rode Jawhead will also have a different look.

Skin Candy Bear makes Ellie into a cuter little girl with purple clothes. If we manage to kill the enemy hero, the Jawhead Candy Bear skin will also feature a cute and funny Battle Emote above the Jawhead hero character.

To get the Jawhead Candy Bear skin, players must be registered as Starlight members of Mobile Legends. If players are not familiar with Starlight members, Starlight members are the Mobile Legends version of the battle pass.

Players can subscribe to Starlight members with a choice of time periods, from 1 month to 3 months to annually. After subscribing, players will have the opportunity to get Starlight skins which will be released every month.

For the months of June-July, there are 5 starlight skins that can be chosen by registered starlight member players. The following is a list of Starlight skins in Mobile Legends for June 2021:

  • Jawhead Skin: Candy Bear
  • Skin Lunox: Ash Blossom
  • Skin Ling: Street Punk
  • Skin Granger: Biosoldier
  • Silvanna’s Skin: Pure Heroine


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