Summer Events in Mobile Legends 2021, Zilong and Guinevere Skins

In this article we will discuss about the latest MLBB 2021 Summer Event leak! The summer event in the MOBA Mobile Legends game is coming soon. Every year when entering the month of July, Mobile Legends will present a summer event and release a new summer skin.

For 2021, there are two Mobile Legends heroes who get summer skins, Guinevere and Zilong who get special skins this summer. Not only a new label specifically for summer, this year there will also be something different from previous events, namely the summer event.

The following is a leak for the latest summer event at MLBB for 2021. Yep, later there will be a summer skin tab with a look more or less as shown in the picture.

summer event mobile legends skin guinevere zilong

In this tab you will also see prices and there will be new emotes that will be present along with the presence of Zilong and Guinevere summer skins. Not only that, the most different thing this year is that players can participate in quests for this latest summer event.

Yep, unlike in previous years there will be a special summer quest and you can give some prizes, namely Magic Dust and Hero Fragment, as well as a special border if you send it as a Guinevere or Zilong skin gift. Not only special events for Summer 2021, there will also be discounts on Summer skins from previous years, namely Fanny, Angela, Nana, and Claude who will be present on the date of the Summer 2021 skin.

There will be many skin discounts, as well as many events in the latest Mobile Legends summer. So are you looking forward to getting those cool Summer skins? According to the leak, this event will be present on July 29, 2021, along with the release of the latest Mobile Legends Summer skin.

source: ig @grangerml


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