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The term META Hyper Carry in the Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends players now seem to often hear the term Hyper Carry. Yep, what is Hyper Carry? For those of you who don’t know, Hyper Carry is a strategy or META, the core or carry hero (main DPS) in the team is only one, and 4 others only act as support.Hyper Carry can be setup with two types of formations, by using 4 or 5 items roaming. If you use 4 roaming items, then the hero who becomes Hyper Carry does not need to buy roaming items. And if you use 5 roaming items, the Hyper Carry hero must buy the first roaming item and be followed by other players, every last hit on the lane must be obtained by Hyper Carry.Hyper Carry usually uses double buff, which is a red and blue buff, and takes all the farming creep so that the gold gained is more and faster levelup.
hyper carry mobile legends hero
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A hero that can be used as a Hyper Carry must be a hero who has sustained damage and dps (damage per second) that is large, and must be able to do farming quickly. It doesn’t have to be Marksman, Hyper Carry can also be applied to Assassin, Fighter and Mage heroes.

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