The Legends Of Dawn The Sacred Stone, Coming to Release at the End of the Year

The MOBA mobile game  developed by  Moonton,  namely  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is currently surprising players, because Moonton will present an anime series adapted from the game entitled The Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone.

The anime series The Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone which has been highly anticipated by Mobile Legends players will soon be aired at the end of 2021.

In this Mobile Legends anime series, players will be presented with an original storyline and of course very closely related to the characters in the game.

It is said that the heroes in Mobile Legends will go on an adventure to the Imperial Capital to find the Sacred Stone which is a sacred stone.

The legends of dawn the sacred stone

Players will be pampered with a unique three-dimensional (3D) art-style as seen in this animated teaser photo, and it can be seen that the 3D character display has an anime feel.

Most likely the main characters in the Land of Dawn anime are Alucard,  Fanny, and Tigreal, because these three characters are clearly shown in the teaser.

Although the exact release date of Land of Dawn the Sacred Stone is currently unknown, this anime is expected to air from September to December 2021.

According to information from various sources, this Mobile Legends anime can be watched by the whole world.

Mobile Legends players can watch the Land of Dawn anime on these channels  NET: Indonesia, WeTV: Indonesia, TV9: Malaysia and ABS-CBN: Philippines.


  • Moonton will soon release an anime series entitled The Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone.
  • In this series Alucard, Fanny, and Tigreal are the heroes who become the main characters.
  • Although the exact release date is still unknown, according to information from sharing sources, this Mobile Legends animation will be released from September to December 2021.

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