Mobile Legends joins TikTok, Moonton is acquired by Bytedance

Wow! Shocking news has just been received about one of the internet technology companies from China, namely Bytedance, which has reportedly acquired the MOBA mobile game developer Mobile Legends, yep Moonton.

This information was successfully obtained from a Twitter tweet belonging to a mobile game analyst named Daniel Ahmad. Indeed, Daniel Ahmad often provides information on mobile games in the form of leaks or the latest news.

In the tweet, Daniel Ahmad provided an analysis if Bytedance saw mobile games as a lucrative business so that they had the intention of acquiring one of the most popular MOBA games in Southeast Asia, Mobile Legends.

With TikTok having over 90 million monthly active users and revenues of over US $1 billion, this acquisition demonstrates how mobile gaming is the next market Bytedance is aiming for. This is not the first and only game-related company they have invested in recently. Tiktok mobile legends Moonton Bytedance

After this information was widely discussed by the players, Azwin Nugraha as the Public Relations Manager of Moonton Indonesia gave his comments regarding the acquisition made by Bytedance. On the Whatsapp group, Azwin said that he still couldn’t provide any comments.

“At this time I still cannot comment, but in the near future there will be an announcement regarding this matter,”

said Azwin Nugraha

If this news is true, then surely Moonton will develop even more and especially for sure in the MOBA Mobile Legends game which is not impossible to penetrate the global market, not only the Asian market.

Source: Daniel Ahmad


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