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Best Tips for Push Rank to Mythic Mobile Legends Bang Bang

There are already a lot of players in the MOBA mobile game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. But complaints about players stuck in the Epic and Legend tiers are still often heard. Lots of players who want to get to the Mythic tier. And are there any best tips for push to Mythic rank in Mobile Legends?

Because of the complaints from Epic and Legends players, in this article fajaryusufdotcom will share some tips so you can easily push rank to Mythic without losing to the Mobile Legends game! here are the tips:

fajaryusuf.com push rank tips Mythic Mobile Legends Bang Bang a

Always Use a Mastered Hero

If you can already play several heroes, then mastering these heroes is a must. You can hone your skills by mastering the hero skill combo, understanding and maximizing the strengths and weaknesses of the hero, and also building items and emblems that are very suitable for your style of play and the hero.

You Must Be All Role

In the Mobile Legends game, there are several hero roles, there are Tank, Support, Marksman, Mage, Assassin, and Fighter. At least, you must be able to master several heroes from each role. This will certainly make it easier when you play because then you are a flexible person when choosing a hero during the draft pick.

Know META and Counter Hero

How much the percentage of wins can be determined starting from the initial stage of the match, when the draft pick and ban. You have to know which heroes are currently overpower the current META. Better yet, you know hero counters to fight enemy heroes.


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