Tips Secrets Grock For Invulnerable To Turrets for 4 Seconds!

How long have you been playing Mobile Legends? Do you know that there are heroes who are immune to turret attacks?

FajarYusuf.Com will give you secret tips for heroes who can invulnerable to turret attacks for 4 seconds!.

Indeed, the turret produces an attack that is so large, but, there is one hero who can invulnerable to turret attacks for 4 seconds.

This hero is Grock , which can ward off attacks from enemy turrets.

turret grock

How to do it?, The key is in one of Grock’s skills that can make Magic Resistance increase and also be immune to CrowdControl, and also Grock must use Shadow Mask items.

  • First you have to know, that skill 1 Grock will make it immune to various attacks if used near the wall.
  • Second, utilizes The Shadow Mask effect, to make Grock have mode Shadow alias effect disappears like skill 1 Lesley.
  • The Shadow Mode generated from Shadow Mask will last for a few seconds before you hit or beaten by enemy.

In conclusion, you must activate the Shadow Mask and press skill 1 near the wall simultaneously, and Grock will not be detected by the turret for 4 seconds.

For more details, see the following footage from mobilelegendsverum :

How about this tips?, will you auto pick Grock if you become a tank?

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