Tips dan Trick Cara Mendapatkan Border Limited Edition Mobile Legends

Tips and Tricks How to Get Border Limited Edition Mobile Legends

Since the KOF event in the MOBA game Mobile Legends Bang Bang a while ago, Mobile Legends players have come to know that there are lots of events available on various servers in different countries. The country’s servers can be accessed using a variety of methods. Yep, in this article, fajaryusufdotcom will provide tips and tricks on how to get Border Limited Edition Mobile Legends for free.

Indeed, Border Limited can only be obtained during the event, but this method can be used to access various country servers in Mobile Legends so that players can access various kinds of events in different countries.

Tips and Tricks on How to Get Border Limited Edition Mobile Legends

1. Install the VPN Application

Tips and Tricks on How to Get Border Limited Edition Mobile Legends a

Every event in the Mobile Legends game turns out to be separated for each server in different countries. By using a VPN application, players can access the server with just one click. Players can use any VPN, but for this experiment, fajaryusufdotcom recommends VPN Vyprn which gets a 3-day trial, and has many servers that can be accessed.

2. Open VPN and Select Country

Open the VPN VPN application and select a country that has the free border event. On September 9, 2020, the event that Mobile Legends players can access to get a free border is an event in Saudi Arabia. So, players can use VPN Vyprn to access the server and get the desired border. Click Server Saudi Arabia, and open the Mobile Legends game.

3. Complete the Event and Claim the Prize

Tips and Tricks on How to Get Border Limited Edition Mobile Legends b

After entering the Mobile Legends in-game, players can immediately access and complete existing missions. Please note that here players access servers in other countries, so players will most likely get connection lags, but you have to be patient to get the free border prize. The existing missions are generally the same as the mobile legends missions in other countries, starting from winning matches, shares, and so on. But at the Saudi Arabia claim border limited server event, players only need to claim without doing any mission.


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