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Tips & Tricks Play META Hyper Carry Esmeralda in Magic Chess

Mobile Legends Bang-Bang, which has a Magic Chess mini game, iscurrently very successful. And now, lots of Magic Chess tournaments are being held. And more and more Content Creators for the Magic Chess game. And in this article, fajaryusufdotcom will provide tips & tricks how to play META Hyper Carry Esmeralda in Magic Chess. Here are the tips:

Take advantage of Commander Yuki’s Skill

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Commander Yuki Level 3 has a skill that is useful for attracting a team hero. Not only one hero like Level 2 Yuki (Absolute Loyalty), Level 3 Yuki will sacrifice 2 heroes on the right and left at the same time to provide additional damage of 75% Physical Attack and Magic Power as well as an additional 50% of max HP, a useful buff for hero carry.

Determine the Lineup Before Mid-Game

In the early game, you can’t determine exactly what lineup will be played. But if you can determine what lineup to play after the first fate box, it is a good decision. The recommended lineup for META Magic Chess hyper Carry Esmeralda is 6 Mage, 6 The Western Expanse, 4 Elementalist and 2 Blood Demon. With heroes in it: Carmilla, Cecilion, Esmeralda, Harith, Odette, Aurora, Valir, Vale, Claude, and Minotaur.

Upgrade Hero Core to Star 3

Don’t forget to buy the same hero even though it has reached 2 stars. Because if other players don’t take the same hero as you, your hero percentage will become 3 stars will increase. Esmeralda, who becomes Hyper Carry, gets stronger when it is 3 stars.

Focus on Combo Lineup Hero

Don’t hesitate when playing the hero combo lineup. Because these doubts actually messed up plans for the future. For example, like buying a combo assassin hero when playing meta mage. Because this makes Lineup’s synergy not optimal. Another example to maximize Esmeralda, you can activate the The Western Expanse Lineup combo if you buy Claude because you will get an additional +1 Science Crystal which adds capacity.

Hero Position Must Be Right

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Playing the mage combo lineup is identical to playing behind closed doors. This is useful for protecting heroes who can inflict great damage and cannot be reached by enemy fighters or assassins. However, if the enemy uses Lineup marksman or dragon altar, the position used must be divided into 3 parts, namely the left corner, the middle and the right corner. And when using Esmeralda’s META Hyper Carry, the position of the hero who will sacrifice for her must also be determined properly.

Sacrifice For Hyper Carry Buff

Commander Yuki Level 3 is currently very Overpowered when combined with a strong hero carry and a complete lineup. Apart from being able to survive the match for quite a long time, the damage given from the sacrifice of two heroes from one team is not detrimental at all, even considered effective and beneficial for Hyper Esmeralda.


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