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This is the Trick VPN KOF Epic Skin Event Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends currently has a KOF event, players who want to get the exclusive Kings of Fighter skin can get it at the event. Not only that, for players who log in and complete several existing missions, players will get tickets to make a free draw with the guaranteed Epic Limited skin. There is also a VPN trick for this KOF Mobile Legends skin event.

This KOF event is presented in several countries on different servers. When players access a different server, the ticket event for free draw will be reset, and one way to access a different server is to use a VPN. This is the Mobile Legends VPN trick to get free tickets at the KOF event.

Players should know that this KOF event gives players a limited epic skin for 4,000 diamonds at a low price to players. Players only need to complete various quests in the KOF Mobile Legends event starting from Share, completing several matches, and topping up to get free draw tickets.

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As a result, many Mobile Legends players are interested in using the VPN method to get free draw skins. Plus, there are Instagram Mobile Legends leakers who have created a video content that explains in detail how players can get Epic Limited skins for free and successfully.

After the information regarding the VPN trick was released for mobile legends players, there were some players who were not happy, so they spread the news about the VPN trick. Where in the photo it is reported that Moonton will give Temporary Banned for players who use VPN tricks to claim the skin.

Until now, Moonton has yet to give an official statement regarding the use of VPN tricks to get free tickets for the Epic Limited skin draw. Will the player be banned or not. Yep, what do you think? Have you managed to use these tricks?

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