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Mobile Legends Update Patch Buff Effect Monster Walkie Grass

Recently, Mobile Legends Bang Bang released a new update patch on the advance server. In the update patch content, there are lots of updates made by Moonton. Among them are balancing updates for heroes, to updates to the in-match system in Mobile Legends. Yep, not only changing the laning system, Mobile Legends will also provide an easy way for roaming maps in future updates, namely the Walkie Grass monster update!

In the next update, Mobile Legends will provide a rework effect for the Walkie Grass monster which can be found in the middle of the Land Of Dawn map. The effect reworked changed the function of the Walkie Grass which could be used to regenerate healthpoints, but now this monster could only be used to restore mana owned by nearby players. Not only that, Moonton also adds to the effect of Walkie Grass by increasing movement speed by 30%.

fajaryusuf.com mobile legends update the walkie grass roam

The effect of increasing movement speed will certainly be very useful when chasing and ganking enemies who are fighting on the airplane or bottom plan. Players with this effect will also not experience a reduction in movement speed if they attack other enemies when they have the buff, so this effect will be very useful, especially in mid-late games when they want to do war in the Land Of Dawn arena.

Yep, what do you think about this monster effect update? Will this be an update buff for midlaner heroes like Harith, Gusion, and so on?

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