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Major Update End of Season 13 Mobile Legends September 17th

At Moonton Epicon some time ago, Moonton announced that they would provide a variety of new content that would change the gameplay in Mobile Legends.

Plus, they will also improve the performance of Mobile Legends by using a new engine, the Unity engine that is rumored to be reminding the performance and performance of the game by 60%.

Yep, at the end of season 13, besides giving a new seasonal skin. Mobile Legends will present a variety of major updates with various content and new features that can be enjoyed by players.

The update will be present at Mobile Legends on September 17, and a variety of new content will be present:

New Hero Fighter Release Masha

Masha's New Hero Fighter Release

Fighter hero users will be happy because on the major update, Masha will be present at the Land of Dawn, as one of the heroes that can be used in Mobile Legends draft pick. Of course, with its unique ability to have 3 HealthPoint bars and its ability to roam and kill enemies quickly.

Revamped Valir Release on Original Server

Revamped Valir Release on Original Server

One of the most eagerly awaited revamp by Mobile legends players. This is because the update changes the mage hero who is almost never used again to become one of the heroes with fairly high damage. Plus Valir has a fairly high crowd control capability, Valir will become one of the heroes whose popularity will rise.

Hero Mage Will Be Buffed

Hero Mage Will Be Buffed

Mage is a hero with high magic damage but with a thin HealthPoint. Because of this Moonton gives buffs for hero mages. Later in the next update, Hero Mage who does not have the buff skill, will get an additional slow effect. Heroes like Aurora, Zhask, and Odette are some of the heroes who will get this buff.

New Flameshot Spell

New Flameshot Spell

Moonton provides a variety of new spells for the player. One of them is Flame Shot, one of the damage-producing spells besides executing with a longer range.

New Mythic System Rank

New Mythic System Rank

To improve the quality of the game in the game Mobile legends, players who had reached mythic rank, now will get their own division. Later Mythic players can no longer go down to legends (Depending on the points they have). And mythic players will compete with each other to get the title of Mythical Glory on their respective servers.


Those are some of the big updates that will be present at Mobile Legends at the end of Season 13. Some of these updates will certainly change the gameplay in the game made by Moonton. In your opinion, what are you waiting for in this update?

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