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Mobile Legends Update Patch 1.4.18 The End Of Meta Mage?

Moonton seems to have realized that the mage heroes Mobile Legends is currently overpowered (OP). Because the game that the players sarcastically turned into “Mage Legends”, Moonton finally gave buffs for some of defense magic items to reduce the damage of all mage heroes.

Want to know what items? You can see the patch update 1.4.18 on the advance server below:

Mobile Legends Update Patch 1.4.18

In the update that will take effect in the future on the Original server, Moonton will give buff status to all Magic Defense items with the following details:

item defense magic

Maybe some players will think the update is not too important to overcome the Mage heroes mobile legends, but don’t underestimate.

If you can buy Silence Robe in the future updates, you can get 1 item that is almost the same Magic Defense effect that is owned like Oracle for 1020 Gold only.

Compared to 1 Oracle, which costs 2110 Gold, is 2x. If you pay attention, the skill of a hero mage in early game is not too terrible, so players can use the item to hold damage to the hero mage skill at the beginning of the game.

So that heroes are very overpowered in early games like Lunox, Harith, or Esmeralda. Can be deflected only by using 1020 Gold only. Yep, what do you think of the update? Do you agree and look forward to the patch update?

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