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Update Patch on August 25 2020 Mobile Legends Nerf & Buff Hero

Moonton as the developer of the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang always updates their game regularly. To produce balance and adjustment of heroes who are Overpowered or rarely used. Therefore, Moonton often does Buff and Nerf for Mobile Legends heroes, and that also happened in the update patch on August 25, 2020.

Currently Moonton is also trying to create a new META so that laning doesn’t have to always be 1-3-1 (meta hyper carry). And soon there will be a Reforge Your Legend event so that players can vote for the heroes that will be revamped in the next update.

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Here are the Mobile Legends heroes who get Nerf, Buff, and Adjustments:

ML heroes who get adjustments:

  • Helcurt (the opponent can be silenced only when he has crowd control effect)
  • Natalia (damage adjustments during the early and late game)
  • Kimmy (damage adjustments during the early and late game)
  • Ruby (reduces mana regeneration cooldown)
  • Popol and Kupa (the ability to support is reduced, and the damage is increased)
  • Esmeralda (adjustment of shield 350-700 to 400-750)
  • Aldous (makes farming easier in the early days, and nerfed an enhanced basic attack).

ML heroes who get nerf:

  • Luo Yi (reduces his damage and crowd control)
  • Yi Sun-shin (reduces passive critical damage, and removes 30% damage reduction)
  • Ling (when Ling is hit by crowd control while on the wall, he will fall to the ground and get slow, and reduce his movement speed at his ultimate)
  • Uranus (reduces burst damage, reduces shield increase and HP regeneration)
  • Atlas (skill 2 combined with the ultimate will only have a slow effect)
  • Yu Zhong (reduces spell vamp and damage)
  • Gatotkaca (reduces damage in late game, and reduces the resulting slow effect).

ML heroes who get buff:

  • Martis (reduces cooldown on his 1st skill)
  • Terizla (strengthens the crowd control effect, and reduces the cooldown on the ultimate)
  • Claude (increases the acquisition of attack speed and movement speed on his 1st skill)
  • Karina (gives additional HP to the passive and reduces the cooldown on the ultimate)
  • Vale (reduces mana usage, cooldown, and increases damage to skill 2)
  • Kaja (increases HP and damage it has)
  • Alpha (adds damage to the ultimate)
  • Minsitthar (increases damage, reduces cooldown, and mana usage on skill 2), and
  • Harith (the duration of the crowd control effect he receives will vary according to the number of enemy heroes nearby).

What do you think about the update patch on August 25 in Mobile Legends regarding nerf and buffs made by Moonton? Does your favorite hero get nerf or buff? write a comment below!

Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


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