Project NEXT Mobile Legends Sound Suara Monster Jungle

Update Project NEXT Mobile Legends, Addition of Monster Jungle Sound

The update to the Project NEXT Mobile Legends: Bang Bang indeed has a lot of new content in it, which players already know about a lot of information is scattered around. There are graphic enhancements, changing background music, changing artwork, more advanced gameplay and many others. And the latest is the addition of the jungle monster sound in the Mobile Legends game.

Yep, this time there is new news about the progress of the NEXT Mobile Legends Project, later every jungle monster in the Land of Dawn will be able to react with a sound that can be heard by all players when approached.

Project NEXT Mobile Legends Sound Jungle Monster Sound a

Surely this will make the game more lively and challenging, because to do ambush will be more difficult because it can be easily caught if the jungle monster makes a sound, thus providing information about our whereabouts to the enemy.

Even so, of course this will change the playing style of each player, players will start relying on earphones to play Mobile Legends, because to find out the position of the enemy in the jungle area of ​​Land of Dawn. By using earphones, players can certainly hear it more clearly, and are not easily ambushed by enemy players.

Source: devclovedmlbb


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