Vale Mobile Legends Gets 4 Buff On The Next Update Patch

In the upcoming Project NEXT Mobile Legends update, there will be many heroes who get revamp skills so they can compete in today’s META. Previously rumors circulated that the less popular hero mage, Vale, would get a revamp, but apparently this news was not true, because Vale did not get the most votes at the Reforged your Legends event held by Mobile Legends. But players don’t need to be disappointed, because Moonton will provide Buff in the next patch update which will make Vale even more OverPower.

In the update, Vale will get a quite significant buff, there is a 1 second cooldown reduction buff on skill 1, skill 2 provides continuous damage to almost 2x more, namely 150 from 90 at its initial level. And what really matters is the Passive buff skill, Vale will be easier to roam and help the team, with the addition of a maximum movement speed of 80, from 60 on the full stack. This will undoubtedly have an effect on Vale’s ability to become a support / mage hero with the highest roaming abilities. vale mobile legends get buff 2

The movement speed buff is the 4th buff given by Moonton for this wind controlling hero. It looks like Moonton really wants to change the current META so that players can get a fairer playing experience in the future. Yep, hopefully this buff doesn’t end in Banned Vale in every ranked match like Valir at the start of the revamp.

Source: Mobile Legends


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