Valentina Mobile Legends, A New Hero That Can Clone Enemy Ultimate Skill

Currently there is news about the leak of a new Hero MOBA Mobile Legends game named Valentina. Valentina is a Hero with the Mage role who has a skill-set to imitate the Skill and Existence of enemy herps in in-game.

The skill that can be imitated by Valentina is the Ultimate Skill of the enemy hero. So, Valentina will only turn into a Hero who wants Valentina to imitate and take the ultimate hero’s skill.

For example, when Valentina faced off against Johnson. Johnson’s Ultimate Skill will be imitated, so Valentina can turn into a car and hit the target enemy.

Likewise with the Ultimate Skills of other Mobile Legends heroes, Valentina can change shape and imitate their ultimate skills during matches. Every month, Moonton always releases a new Hero into the Mobile Legends game, which means Valentina can clone all the new ultimate hero skills.

New Hero Skill-Set Mobile Legends: Valentina

valentina mobile legends_

For skills 1 and 2 of Hero Valentina, skill 1 of this new hero is an AoE skill or damage area, which can hit many heroes at once with magic damage, while for skill 2, it is a dash skill with true-damage. And the ultimate skill as explained above, this hero can clone or imitate the enemy’s ultimate hero skill.

For now, there is still no display of Valentina’s hero in the Mobile Legends game. To be sure, Valentina will be a very difficult Mage hero to use because of her ultimate cloning skill.

Valentina will also become an Overpowered Hero if used by the right players, and face off against the right enemies. This is because Valentina can imitate any Hero’s ultimate skill and is a very situational Hero in matches.

For more details, we have to wait for official information that will be announced by Moonton next to see the skill-set and appearance of Valentina.


Source: Leak Video


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