Valir Mobile Legends Reworked By Moonton, So Burst!

Rework Hero has become one of the activities Moonton often does recently.

In game Mobile Legends, Moonton has rework on several old school heroes, including RafaelaBruno, and Kaja who became popular after reworking.

And now hero to be reworked is one of the mage heroes that is rarely picked, Valir.

Valir is a Mage hero who is currently declining popularity on the Original server.

Valid rework

This happens because almost all skills Valir belonging to are easy to avoid when compared to other heroes, so the magic damage that is generated from skill is not exposed to enemy.

So now, advance server update a few days ago. Mobile legends provides the latest rework hero news for Valir who changed his skills.

Valid rework skill

You can see from the patch update above, now Valir’s passive skill will generate CrowdControl if you successfully damage skill for 3 times, and can do additional damage according to the max health of enemy hp.

Coupled with the change in skill 1, which results in a stack, if it hits the enemy hero, which means you can spam skills continuously if using skill 1 hits the enemy.

Skill 2 is still the same as before, while for the ultimate skill it becomes a buff that will increase damage for skill 1 and skill 2 it has.

If used, skill 1 will do more damage and increase the range, and Skill 2 will do extra damage accompanied by damage to the area and the enemy will be hit by knockback.

If you are still a little confused with description of new skill Valir. You can see a little trailer footage of Valir rework through video below by Hororo-chan:


With this rework, it is likely that Valir will become a fight in the pick rank. Coupled with the CrowdControl that he has will be a Hero mobile legends who are annoying when he becomes an enemy.

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