Yin, the new Mobile Legends hero, can create Domain Expansion!

Many players think that the next hero to be released in Mobile Legends is Fighter. Yep, because almost all roles have been released by Moonton on new heroes. Including Floryn who is a SupportAamon who is an AssassinValentina who is a Mage, and Phylax who is a Marksman/Tank.

Turns out the players guessed right! There is a new Leak Hero Mobile Legends which is now finally known to be a Fighter. This hero named Yin is being developed by Moonton who has an overpowered ability that is useful for bringing enemy heroes to his Domain Expansion to do 1vs1.

Yin Mobile Legends Skills

Yin has 3 Active Skills and 1 Passive Skill that can be used to defeat enemies. The following is an explanation of the Yin Mobile Legends skill:

Yin Passive Skill

new hero mobile legends fighter yin skills

Yin will have additional damage if there are no teammates around him, but if there are friend heroes around, Yin’s damage will be reduced.

Skill 1: Charged Punch

new hero mobile legends fighter yin skills

Yin deals a powerful punch in the intended direction, dealing damage to the enemy. If Yin manages to hit the enemy, Yin will deal another blow and deal a wider area of ​​damage.

Skill 2: Instant Blast

new hero mobile legends fighter yin skills

Yin dashed forward, and left a Golden Ring behind him while dealing damage to the enemies hit. After that, the Golden Ring will catch up with Yin and give damage and Stun Effects to enemies hit by the Golden Ring.

Ultimate Skill: My Turn

new hero mobile legends fighter yin skills

Yin selects an enemy hero and kidnaps him to the Expansion Domain. While in the Domain, the enemy will not be affected by other hero skills, and Yin will turn into Lieh. When he turns into Lieh, there will be an increase in skill 1 and skill 2 as well as basic attacks that increase his fighting ability for a while. Not only that, this Buff effect can also be taken out of the Domain when Lieh manages to eliminate the enemy.

Bawa Musuh ke Isekai, Domain Expansion - Hero Baru Yin Mobile Legends , Collab Jujutsu Kaisen ??


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