5 Oscar-Winning Actors with the Most Followers on Instagram

An article about 5 Oscar-Winning Actresses with the Most Followers on Instagram was published a day ago, and now it’s time to discuss Oscar-winning actors who have millions of followers on Instagram.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Having been nominated for seven Academy Awards is proof that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest Hollywood actors. He is also known for spreading important information about climate change on his Instagram account.

2. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx’s stunning performance in Ray earned him an Oscar in the Best Actor category. He has also accumulated 13.3 million Instagram followerswow!

3. Tom Hanks

This well-known actor is so talented—he won an Oscar twice, and was also included in the “One of the Most Well-Respected Actors in Hollywood Today” list.

4. Matthew McConaughey 

One of the best films Matthew McConaughey has ever starred in is Interstellar. And in 2013, Matthew won an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

5. Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins is an Oscar-winning actor with 3.3 million followers on Instagram. By the way, have you watched The Silence of the Lambs and The Father?


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