Chris Pratt Voicing Garfield

Chris Pratt Voicing Garfield, Making Some People Angry

Chris Pratt is set to be voicing Garfield in the new animated film. As stated by The Hollywood Reporter, this animated movie will be produced by Alcon Entertainment and released worldwide (except China) by Sony Pictures.

Oscar-nominated writer David Reynolds and Chicken Little director Mark Dindal will join forces behind the scenes. And reportedly this animated film takes inspiration from the popular comic Garfield created by cartoonist Jim Davis in 1978.

Meanwhile, Chris Pratt confirmed that he will be voicing Garfield, the lazy cat who likes eating, on his Instagram page. However, some people don’t seem happy about it.

The scathing comments were launched on Twitter when the well-known Hollywood media posted an article about Chris Pratt who will be the voice of Garfield

One Twitter user responded, “Hey, look! Another Chris Pratt movie I will never see!”

And other Twitter users also expressed their disappointment. “First Mario Bros, and now GarfieldHow many animated films will this man voice?!”

It’s the same on Instagram too. Many people responded with comments expressing their displeasure with this casting.

Instagram screenshot 1

Instagram screenshot 2
(Instagram screenshot).

Apart from that, Chris Pratt turned out to have been a voice actor for several movies, including The Lego Movie and Onward . And not long ago, he was also rumored to be joining in the animated film Super Mario Bros.

Plot details and a release date for the Garfield film are still unknown.


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