Squid Game Season 2, And Unsolved Mysteries

Who has watched the Netflix series Squid Game? Even though it’s been a few weeks, it’s still a popular topic of conversation on social media and reportedly the director will produce Squid Game Season 2. As you already know that the concept of this series is very interesting and the plot is heart-wrenching, but this Netflix series also has many unanswered mysteries and will likely be answered in Season 2.

This makes the audience impatiently waiting for Season 2 of Squid Game to release, but until now there is still no decision on whether Squid Game will continue to season 2 or not.

“No definitive decision has been made on the second season of Squid Game”
Netflix Global TV Head, Bela Bajaria

Even so, Bela Bajaria is sure that Squid Game Season 2 will come, but Bela Bajaria explained that the decision to make Squid Game 2 depends on the schedule of the Squid Game director. The director is Hwang Dong Hyuk which means Season 2 Squid Game is there or not according to his wishes for how to proceed.

“He has films and other things in the works. We are trying to figure out the right structure for him”
Bela Bajaria

Previously, Hwang Dong Hyuk also talked about the possibility of Squid Game Season 2. Not only that, Hwang also revealed that the process of writing the plot of the Squid Game series was very difficult and took a lot of time, even months for just two episodes.

“In the early days, I drank half a bottle of soju to get creative ideas flowing. I can’t do that anymore,”
Hwang Dong Hyuk, in an interview with Variety

Squid Game Mystery Still Unanswered, Possibly Answered in Season 2

squid game season 2 unsolved mystery

Who is Gong Yoo?

Gong Yoo is one of the actors who became a surprise in the Squid Game series, Gong Yoo is a player who appears in the first and last episodes mysteriously. Gong Yoo appeared to offer the economically struggling players a chance. This unnamed character has also become the talk of the audience who wants to know who this character really is.

Hwang Jun Ho died?

Hwang Jun Ho is a policeman who infiltrates the island where the Squid Game is held, Hwang Jun Ho plans to find his missing brother (Hwang In Ho), and it turns out that Hwang Jun Ho managed to meet his brother who is a Front Man, and Hwang Jun Ho was shot and fell into the sea, and until now it is still a mystery, is Hwang Jun Ho still alive or dead?

The Reason Hwang In Ho Becomes Front Man

One of the stories in Squid Game is the appearance of Hwang In Ho , played by Lee Byung Hun, who is a Front Man. In Ho was initially believed to have died by his younger brother, Hwang Jun Ho, and it turned out that he was a contestant in the 2015 Squid Game. In-Ho’s victory in the previous competition seems to have made this man one of the masterminds behind the suffering of many people today.

Why is the Squid Game being held again when Il-Nam is dead

Yep, the biggest mystery in this series is about the people who hold the Squid Game, and if we look at the last episode Gong Yoo is back to recruit players who seem to be holding the Squid Game again, even though Il-Nam who is the host of the Squid Game has died. . Or could this mean that it will be held in a different place or island according to the host?


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