Tom Holland Bakal Perankan Fred Astaire dalam Film Biopik

Tom Holland Will Play Fred Astaire in New Sony Biopic

Tom Holland will play legendary actor and dancer Fred Astaire in an upcoming Sony biopic. The actor playing Peter Parker confirmed his involvement at a promotional event for Spider-Man: No Way Home in London.

“The script came in a week ago,” Holland said, as reported by the Associated Press, Sunday (5/12). “I haven’t read it yet, they haven’t given it to me.”

“Amy Pascal has the script. She facetimed me earlier. I was in the bath and we had a lovely FaceTime, but I will be playing Fred Astaire.” added the handsome actor.

Spider-Man film producer Amy Pascal told GQ magazine that she wanted Tom Holland to play Fred Astaire in the biopic.

“There are very few actors working now who are versatile in the way that he is,” Pascal told the magazine. “And he’s the hardest-working person I know.”

Tom Holland and Fred Astaire
Tom Holland and Fred Astaire (Wikipedia).

Fred Astaire was a huge Hollywood star in the 30s who had successful musical films. He was also considered to be the greatest dancer in film history.

Not only that, the actor was also famous for his collaboration with Ginger Rogers—a famous Hollywood actress—in a musical film, Top Hat.

Astaire died at the age of 88 at a Century City hospital. His widow, Robyn Smith, told The Times that he was a happy man.

“He had a very complete and full life. He was a very happy man,” she said.

Tom Holland—who is known for his role as Spider-Man—has had a long career in acting. Earlier in his career, he starred in the theater musical Billy Elliot: the Musical.

Lip Sync Battle - Tom Holland

And in 2017, the British actor rocked the internet with his performance on Lip Sync Battle, which causes some netizens to say that Holland will succeed in playing the role of Astaire.The biopic is still in its early stages, and there is no information about the plot yet.


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