Train to Busan Remake Sparks Outrage From Fans

“Train to Busan” Remake Sparks Outrage From Fans

For those who are fans of Train to Busan, do you know that the film will be remade by a US Studio? Well, if you don’t know, check out the news below!

On Wednesday (11/17/2021), Deadline said in its article that the remake of the film Train to Busan will be called Last Train to New York.

Train to Busan itself tells the story of a father and his daughter who are trapped on a train to Busan during a zombie outbreak. The people on the train have to fight off zombie attacks to survive.

The South Korean smash hit film was directed by Yeon Sang-ho, while the remake will be directed by Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto. The Conjuring film-maker, James Wan, will also join as a producer.

Timo Tjahjanto and James Wan
Timo Tjahjanto ( and James Wan (Wikipedia).

Unfortunately, many fans aren’t happy about this. A Twitter user @souleylove800 said that they won’t be watching the remake, unless Gong Yoo, the lead role in the film Train to Busan, joins the cast.

“STOP REMAKING “FOREIGN” FILMS!!!! Why can’t companies use some of that money to employ people to make really accurate subs and dubs?!? Unless they’re casting Gong Yoo in the lead role, I’m not watching ‘Last Train To New York’!” they wrote.

Another Twitter user also expressed their displeasure at this. “BOO what is Last Train to New York … nothing can replace gong yoo, especially ma dong-seok/don lee.”

Last Train to New York has reportedly been in development since Train to Busan was released. And of course the filming will take place in the United States.

It’s still unknown when Last Train to New York will come out. There is also no information about the actors and actresses who will star in this remakeSo, wait for further news!


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